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7 Ways A Click Tracking and Optimization Solution Will More Than Pay for Itself

By Vince Czaplyski

April 29, 2020

If you are selling anything online, click tracking and optimization software is a must. It will not only save you a ton of money, but it will help you earn far more than you might otherwise.

It's safe to say that the best such services are literally guaranteed to pay back your investment many times over if you just put them to use in your business. There are multiple solutions out there, and you need to find the one that best fits your business. Since we use ClickMagick ourselves and are really happy with it, the focus of this post will be on ClickMagick features.

With that said, here are 7 ways you should easily earn back whatever you spend on a subscription to ClickMagick or some competing solutions. (And from there easily then go on to make bigger profits.)

#1: Never again pay for bot, fake or bad clicks

Features such as ClickMagick's 24/7 Click Fraud monitoring will help ensure that you never pay for visits to your pages from automated bots and other worthless traffic. These can range from relatively innocent automated routines such as search engine spiders, to malicious scripts used by traffic scammers in the "solo ad" world to bilk you out of your money.

ClickMagick claims that only about 1 in 1,000 such clicks will get through to your site undetected by its fraud monitoring. This one feature alone can more than pay for your subscription cost if you're paying for traffic from sources that may intentionally try to pass off this kind of traffic as real..

#2: Know immediately if any of your links go down.

It's an online marketer's worst nightmare. You've planned a major campaign, spent a pile of money on paid traffic, only to have one or more critical page links go down after you've turned on a fire hose of paid (and now useless) traffic.

This actually occurs more than many marketers realize. Should this happen to you, ClickMagick's Automatic Link Monitoring feature will immediately shoot you off a text or email, giving you time to pause your paid traffic while you get things sorted out.

#3: Intelligent Split Testing: Optimize Your Digital Assets ​Automatically

Everyone knows split testing is important. Far fewer actually put this into practice, because split testing takes effort. 

And too many marketers who are split testing jump the gun and terminate split tests too soon, before they've identified a clear cut winner. Or they just guess at what they feel should be the winner.

ClickMagick's Intelligent Split Testing helps solve these issues. Its proprietary algorithms will instantly alert you when you have a statistically valid winner, and can even redirect all your traffic to the winning variation automatically. 

The ability to almost continuously improve your pages, ads, emails and more is one of the greatest super powers any marketer could hope for.

Many small, incremental improvements made throughout a sales funnel will result in big profit increases at the money end.

#4: GEO and Mobile Targeting

GEO targeting allows you to dynamically display different pages to different visitors, depending on their GEO location. Affiliate marketers could display different offers to visitors from different countries, when for example a particular offer is not allowed in one country or another.

Mobile targeting automatically send mobile clicks to a different link than desktop clicks. That way you can optimize the experience for visitors accessing your content from different devices.

Both of these features help you to optimize ALL your traffic, and virtually guarantee higher conversions and more profits.

#5: Retarget Any Visitor From Every Tracking Link

You go through a lot of time, effort and money to entice visitors to enter your sales funnels. Whatever way each visitor finds you, you can now retarget them all over the web using ClickMagick's Advanced Retargeting feature. This essentially allows you to add a retargeting pixel from ANY retargeting network, to ANY of your tracking links.

Retargeting your visitors is a proven way to improve your bottom line, and this feature makes the whole process really simple.

#6: Affiliate Marketer? Easily Integrate With Most Major Affiliate Networks

Tracking conversions from multiple traffic sources across different affiliate and CPA networks has never been easy. But ClickMagick's automated Postback Builder makes it a snap to integrate your campaigns with every major affiliate network. Basically it's a simple 'paint by numbers' dummy proof routine that steps you through the process.

#7: Track Visitors Across Multiple Devices In Even the Most Complex Sales Funnels

At the end of the day, the more you know about who is buying your stuff online, the more you can grow your business. ClickMagick's many integrated features allow you to track all your visitors and their actions.  And one useful feature is Cross Device Tracking.

So no matter how they arrive in your online world and no matter how complex your sales funnels happen to be, you'll know what's working and what's not.

For example, perhaps a visitor opts-in to a landing page on her telephone, reads your email on her iPad the next day, and a week later clicks through to your landing page from her desktop computer at work.

She buys a product, accepts the upsell and a few days later opens another email and buys again.

With ClickMagick you would be able to know which traffic source brought this customer to you and make better decisions about the value of individual traffic sources.

You may not need that level of tracking in your business. But if you do, there is no easier, more affordable and more effective solution available today than ClickMagick.

There is a lot more that ClickMagick and similar programs can do for your online business. But the bottom line is this: If you're not using click tracking and optimization software, you are definitely leaving a lot of money on the table.

Want to take a deep dive into the inner workings of ClickMagick and see exactly how it could help your business? Download ClickMagick's FREE Tracking Guide. No opt-in necessary. In about an hour you'll know more about tracking and optimization than most marketers ever know!

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