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Adding Your ClickMagick Custom Domain To Cloudflare.com

By Vince Czaplyski

April 4, 2020

In this post we'll cover how to add your ClickMagick custom domain to your Cloudflare account. Cloudflare is a leading web security firm that offers a lot of great security features for websites, many free of cost.

When setting up tracking links within ClickMagick, you're probably going to want to utilize your own secure custom domain instead of the generic ClickMagick domain to create your links.

This is actually required for any email tracking links you utilize, and it's just a good practice in general, one that will add an additional trust factor for your clients and improve your results.

Fortunately it's pretty easy to setup a custom domain within ClickMagick.

In this post we'll cover how to integrate your custom domain with Cloudflare.com. You'll be opening a free account if you don't have one already.

The steps are as follows.

1. Create your Cloudflare.com account

2. Add your domain to the account.

Cloudflare will ask for your domain name as well as the type of plan you want. The Free Plan is more than adequate, so no need to sign up for a paid plan.

3. When asked to 'Review Your DNS Records' just ignore and select 'Continue'.

4. Change the nameservers for your domain.

In this step Cloudflare will ask you to change your existing domain nameservers to its own custom nameservers. For this you must access your domain registrar account and find the page on which to perform this step.

Each domain registrar or hosting company has its own slightly different way of doing this, and there are far too many companies to cover in this video. If unsure how to do this, a simple YouTube search for 'changing nameservers' at 'name of your domain registrar' should pull up everything you need to know.

Once you've changed the nameservers in your domain registrar account, the changes will eventually be reflected in your Cloudflare account. This can take anywhere from 5 minutes or so to a day or more.  Most of the time the new name servers take effect (or propagate throughout the internet) within minutes.

Leave the Cloudflare tab open in your browser and check on it once in a while until you see that this change has taken place.

 5. Once the new nameservers are definitely in effect, Cloudflare will ask a series of questions regarding the security of the domain. Accept all the default settings, which should be correct as is.

Verify the SSL/TLS encryption mode is set to 'Full' and not 'Full (strict)' and click 'Done' using the button towards the bottom of the page.

Unless Cloudflare indicates there is an issue of some kind, your custom domain is now fully setup and ready to add within ClickMagick. 

Adding your new custom domain is done via the Tools tab in the main menu, where you access the Domain Manager.

Go ahead and enter your domain name. Leave the 'Set up using CNAM DNS or A Record' selection. That's what you already accomplished within your CLoudflare.com account.

From this point in, all of the tracking links you create within ClickMagick using this custom domain will reflect the 'https' secure domain protocol.

And if you'd like to take a closer look into the inner workings of ClickMagick to see just how it could help grow your business, download ClickMagick's FREE Tracking Guide here, (no opt-in necessary). Click on the link for the instant download. In no time at all you'll know more about tracking and optimization than most people on the planet! And that my friend is one of the greatest marketing superpowers you could ever hope to possess.

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