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ClickMagick’s Intelligent Split Testing Feature

By Vince Czaplyski

April 15, 2020

Every marketer knows that split testing is a good idea and is an easy way to squeeze more profit from the same amount of traffic.

Yet many (possibly most) marketers fall short of this ideal and perform little or no ongoing split testing.

That's really unfortunate, because they're leaving a lot of money on the table.

The premise behind split testing is simple. Rather than gambling everything on the belief that your original headline, page, image etc. is the best possible, highest converting choice, you need to put that theory to the test.

The way to test the premise is by showing an alternative version to some percentage of your visitors. Then you let the market (your visitors) decide which they prefer based on the results.

The winner becomes the 'control', and you then go on to test another variable against the control.  If the new version wins, it becomes the new control, and it remains so until it too is dethroned by a better performing version.

And so on.

Using ClickMagick's Intelligent Split Testing Feature

With ClickMagick, it's incredibly easy to split test your sales funnels on a continuous basis and get real improvements, almost without lifting a finger.

Here's how it works.

Let's say you have a page (your control) that is performing OK, but you think it could be doing better. From within the ClickMagick control panel:

Select the link you wish to test, and from the link menu select Split Testing.

Choose a result that you are trying to optimize for--Actions, Engagements, Sales or EPC (Earnings Per Click).

Enter one or more 'Variation' URLs and the percentage of traffic you wish to send to this page or pages. (Note: It's a good idea to just test one variation at a time, although you can add as many as you wish.)

Be sure to add the ClickMagick tracking code to your goal or conversions pages so that it can record your optin, sales and other conversion events.

Note that you can decide how much traffic to divert to the Variation URLs. You may for instance want to continue sending most traffic to your control page if it's already performing pretty well, and perhaps 10% - 15% to the variation page.

That way you are not wasting a lot of traffic on an unproven page that may not perform as well as the control.

ClickMagick will monitor the results, and once a statistically valid winner appears, it will automatically begin sending 100% of the traffic to the winner.

Then you simply rinse and repeat this process until you are no longer able to improve results appreciably.

Note that you have the choice to operate the split testing function in manual mode, where you decide when a new page has beat the control, and when to divert traffic to the winner.

Overall though, ClickMagick's automated function does a fine job with few drawbacks. So feel free to take advantage of its simple yet powerful capabilities.

Whether set to manual or automatic optimization, get in the practice of utilizing this feature on a regular basis and you will start to see massive improvements to your bottom line.

This is yet one more feature of ClickMagick that can easily more than pay for your entire subscription--so why wouldn't you use it?

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