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How to Build A Retargeting List From ClickMagick Affiliate Links

By Vince Czaplyski

March 14, 2020

In this post we're going to discuss how to build a retargeting list directly from your ClickMagick affiliate tracking links.

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn income online.

But it does suffer from one major drawback.

And that is, unless you have some way of reconnecting with the visitors you send to third party affiliate links, chances are good that you will never hear from those visitors again.


All the time, money and effort you invested in getting them to consider the affiliate offer in the first place is pretty much wasted.

At best you made some sales and your traffic campaign made some money.

At worst you lost money, time and effort.

And even if you did make sales, the opportunity to make additional offers to the customer goes to the company whose product or service you promoted, and not to you.

They after all captured the customer's contact information, not you.

Of course there are multiple ways that you can work around this depending on your sales funnel setup.

You could for example first capture the email address of the visitor on your landing page, before sending them along to the affiliate offer.

Generally you'll get fewer immediate takers for the affiliate offer this way, but you would get to promote other offers to the lead via email later on. In the long run you would be ahead.

Or you could retarget the visitor and run retargeting ads to them afterwards too.

In the past, this generally meant placing retargeting code on your own landing page.

Often it was impossible to place the retargeting code on the third party affiliate offer page, because you had no control over it.

Unfortunately this setup meant you could only track the visitor as far as your landing page.

It would be far better to be able to to track the visitor all the way to the affiliate offer page, and on to the sale on the checkout page.

That way your later retargeting campaigns could laser focus on offers related to the first sale.

Of course many large affiliate networks like ClickBank allow you to place a Facebook pixel for example, and you can thus retarget your Facebook traffic.

But there are plenty of other scenarios in which you have no way of placing a retargeting pixel on the offer page.

That problem is now solved via ClickMagick's retargeting pixel option. This allows you to build a retargeting list from any affiliate links that you create in the software.

Fortunately it's really easy to do.

Just click on any ClickMagick tracking link or rotator to edit, and click on the Pixels tab.

Once there you can insert your retargeting pixel, or other tracking code.

ClickMagick allows you to add a Facebook, Perfect Audience, AdRoll, or pretty much any other retargeting pixel you wish to use, to any tracking link or rotator link.

So even when you’re promoting affiliate offers or sites that you don’t own or control, you'll be able to remarket to the visitors you sent to the affiliate offer.

This is a powerful, simple and easy way to greatly increase the ROI on every affiliate promotion you run.

It's just one more reason why we're such big fans of ClickMagick, in our opinion the 'best in class' click tracking and optimization solution for practically any online business.

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