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How to Track Shopify Store Sales Using ClickMagick

By Vince Czaplyski

March 29, 2020

Tracking sales of any number of products in a Shopify store is quite simple using ClickMagick's Campaigns feature.

When using Campaigns, there is no need to create different tracking links or pixels to track results from your various traffic sources. Instead you'll simply place a single snippet of Campaigns code generated within your ClickMagick Campaigns setting, directly onto your Shopify store pages.

You'll then receive a breakdown of sales by individual product and traffic source within your ClickMagick dashboard.

The Campaigns feature works perfectly for tracking Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook campaigns, and many other pay-per-click networks.

To track sales in Shopify using the ClickMagick Campaigns feature, you'll need to first place the 'Campaigns Click Tracking Code' onto one of your Shopify pages.

Next, insert the Campaigns Sales Conversion Code on the Thank You page for your Shopify sales. Before entering this code though, you'll need to modify it slightly by adding a Shopify token to the code.

Here are the steps to generate the necessary code within ClickMagick, and to modify the code with your Shopify token:


Click on the Campaigns link at the top of any page within your ClickMagick account.


From the Campaigns page, select “Website Code” from the menu.


From the dropdown menu choose “Conversion Tracking Code”.


Select “Sale” as the Goal Type, enter any reference valued you’d like, and enter “1” for the amount. In a moment you'll be modifying the code so that the actual value of a sale is reflected in your statistics.


Click on the “Copy to Clipboard” button and paste the code into any text editor.

Important:  In order for sales tracking to work properly, you will need to modify the following line of the sales website code like this:

cmc_amt: '1',

to this line (or token):

cmc_amt: '{{ total_price | money_without_currency }}',

Once you make this change, Shopify will replace the token with the actual sales value each time a sale is made within your store.

Copy and paste the modified code inside Shopify. If you're not sure how to do this, Shopify has written an excellent help article describing the process.

Once you've completed these steps, there is no need to create specific tracking links for individual products within your store.  Any traffic coming to your store will be tracked by ClickMagick. All of your sales will be recorded on the Campaigns page within your ClickMagick account.

Now you'll know exactly how your traffic campaigns are performing within your Shopify store, so you can focus on what's working and eliminate what's not.

By the way, that's how small businesses become big businesses!

ClickMagick is loaded with tons of advanced features like the Campaigns setting.

If you'd like to see all the different ways ClickMagick could help you grow your Shopify or other online business, click this link and claim your 14-Day FREE Trial.

Minutes from now you could be exploring ClickMagick and see for yourself what a complete game changer it will be for your online business.

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