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Three More Reasons Why ClickMagick Is Best In Class

By Vince Czaplyski

March 19, 2020

Today we'll cover three more reasons why ClickMagick ranks at the top of our list for best in class click tracking and optimization software.


Let's get right to it.

Reason #1: ClickMagick's Highly Responsive U.S. Based Support Team

Are you tired of receiving crappy customer service from companies you do business with?

I know I sure am. And that is one problem you will not experience with ClickMagick--its support is world class. And I do not use that term lightly. 

ClickMagick was developed from the ground up by a super affiliate who had earned tens of millions of dollars online prior to starting the company. By making mistakes and learning from them, he understood exactly what was needed in a click tracking system that could properly optimize an online business.

Part of that was realizing that a highly responsive support team would be a necessary part of the system. That's because technology constantly evolves, and new users are always coming onboard. Technical snafus and misunderstandings can quickly bog down a company and its sales.

The first thing you encounter upon selecting the Support tab is a wonderfully welcoming short video from Steve, the creator of ClickMagick, explaining how to get the most out of support--and authentically asking you to please take advantage of it.

You are encouraged to:

  1. Contact them immediately with any issue. As in 'Don't waste a lot of your time if something is slowing you down, come right to us and we will take care of you.'
  2. Skip looking for good intentioned but possibly out of date information on YouTube, Facebook or Google. ClickMagick promises that its support will provide the most accurate and up to date information at any time, and are proud to tell you that.
  3. Supply as much information about your problem in the first contact so they can give you the answer you need.

In return for taking this advice you will be quickly contacted by an experienced online marketer (in itself pretty amazing) with an accurate answer. Every company should be this good.

ClickMagick guarantees a 4-hour response time for most issues. At certain levels of service it guarantees a one-hour or less response time. At its highest account level, you can even expect to receive a custom made video stepping you through the solution to your issue.

I can tell you from actual experience that they walk the talk.


Reason #2: Lightening Fast Redirects

As an online marketer, you know that every fraction of a second delay in loading a page means that you will lose some visitors to that page.

That's just a fact of online life.

But if you happen to be spending money to buy traffic, the last thing you want is for a significant amount of that traffic to be lost due to slow page load times.

And if your sales processes involve page redirects, cloaked links or even interstitial pages there is an excellent chance that your pages will encounter some slow down.

This is where a well designed click tracking product can actually reverse that page load slow down.

And that's where ClickMagick really shines.

ClickMagick's super fast servers and behind the scenes 'auto-magick' processes help ensure that your tracking links never slow down your page load times.

Simply put, you will not lose visitors to drop off before they've even seen your offers.

Reason #3 Three: Cross Device Tracking

The average Internet user owns 3 or more devices, and constantly switches between them.

They opt-in to your landing page on their smartphone, watch your webinar on their iPad, then finally make a purchase weeks later on their desktop computer after clicking a link in one of your emails.

Sound familiar? We pretty much all do some version of that these days.

Most click tracking systems have a hard time of accurately keeping track of all those visitor twists and turns .

In the past you would have little chance of accurately tracking your visitors on different devices, as they bobbed and weaved through your sales funnels.

You wouldn't really know with any accuracy whether or not your paid traffic sources were profitable, or even which source provided the ultimate sale.

But no longer.

That's because ClickMagick offers true cross-device tracking, something normally reserved for much more expensive systems, some of which even requiring custom programming to make this work.

But with ClickMagick, right out of the box you can track, optimize and scale all of your marketing campaigns. You'll have with the complete confidence of knowing exactly where your visitors came from, and exactly what kind of ROI you received from those visitors, no matter if they interacted with you from multiple devices prior to buying from you.

(Note that the cross device tracking feature is not included in the basic Starter Plan, but all higher level accounts include it.)

So there you have it. Three more reasons why we continue to place ClickMagick at the top of our list of best in class click tracking systems.

There are a lot of other reasons why we're such big fans of ClickMagick. We use it ourselves every day and swear by it.

If you'd like to take a more granular look at all the many benefits of using ClickMagick in your business, just go ahead and download ClickMagick's FREE Tracking Guide. (There's no opt-in necessary, just click on the link to instantly download your free copy.)

Vince Czaplyski

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