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Using the ClickMagick Funnel Setup Tool

By Vince Czaplyski

June 2, 2020

In this post we’re going to cover use of the Funnel Setup Tool within ClickMagick.

The Funnel Setup Tool can be used to track the results of multiple ad campaigns, from first click all the way through your entire sales funnel.

Important note. This is a bit more complicated to set up compared with the ClickMagick Campaigns Method.  The Campaigns Method is easier to set up, and is the one you will probably want to use in most cases.

With that said, depending on your specific situation, you may not have the ability to add tracking code to the pages necessary for the Campaigns feature to work. Or you may be facing other issues that make the Funnel Setup Tool a better solution for you.

If so, the Funnel Setup Tool can still handle the job of tracking your sales funnel results.

By the way, before we get started, if you’d like a handy reference to ClickMagick’s many advanced features, you can download ClickMagick’s FREE Tracking Guide right now no opt-in necessary. In about an hour you’ll know more about tracking and optimization than most marketers ever know

Keep the Big Picture In Mind

Alright then. You access the Funnel Setup Tool from the Tools menu.

You will need to set up three separate link groups and a tracking link for each page in the funnel that you wish to track. Setting all that up can get complicated and a bit tedious, but the Funnel Setup Tool does most of the heavy lifting for you.

The Funnel Setup Tool will be used to first create a Primary Link Group containing tracking links to each page in your funnel that you want to track.

Next, the tool will generate a link sub-group called Funnel Entry Links, with which you’ll track each individual traffic source used to deliver visitors to your funnel.

Finally, the tool will generate another links sub-group called Funnel Email Links. This contains tracking links that you’ll use within email messages to drive people back into the middle of your funnel. These are pages placed after your opt-in or other funnel entry page. 

You can generate as many individual Funnel Entry Links and Funnel Email Links as needed to account for all of your funnel entry landing pages and email links.

No let's talk about  the purpose of the various kinds of links created in this process:

The Primary Tracking Links for each page track visitor actions on every page.

The Funnel Entry Links define the traffic source from which the visitors originated.

The Funnel Email Links allow tracking of visitors from each and every email you send. 

Again, this lets you send them to inner funnel pages (pages after the original optin page) from which they first entered your funnel without the need to visit the optin page again.

But very importantly, you are still tracking each visitor from their original entry point into your funnel.

With that overview in mind, here are the steps required to use the Funnel Setup Tool:

Step 1:

Tell the Funnel Setup Tool what is the first page of the funnel. Then list all of your other funnel pages—with a unique page name and URL for each—and the tool will generate all the new links of the funnel for you.

Step 2:

Replace the original funnel links with the tracking links generated for each page of your funnel. For example, replace the original optin 'Thank You' page URL with the newly created 'Thank You' page tracking URL.

Step 3:

Use the Funnel Entry Links as the destination or final URLs within your various paid ad campaigns. Simply clone this link, saving under a different name, for each different ad campaign or traffic source you intend to run. That way each traffic source will be properly tracked through your funnel.

Step 4:

If utilizing the Funnel Email Links, follow the same idea for each separate email link you wish to track through your funnel. Simply clone the first Funnel Email Link as many times as needed, under different saved names (i.e. Email 1, Email 2 etc.), and use these to track email traffic though your funnel.

Remember, in most cased you will want to utilize ClickMagick's Campaigns feature to track your complete sales funnel results, not the Funnel Setup Tool. It is simpler and easier for sure, and does an excellent job of tracking in most cases.

The Funnel Setup Tool should be reserved for those rare tracking situations where the Campaigns feature doesn't work.

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